About Us


Share Chemical Co., Ltd. is an innovative chemical distributer engaged in the business of organic specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and fine chemicals of high purity for production and research.  Founded in 2011, we are proud to say we host a bench-mark team of management.professionals.

  As one of the fastest growing suppliers of  chemicals from China, we receive high praise from our customers as well as from the State Bureau. We are an eco-friendly company, our products and expertise has helped our customers reduce the cost of manufacturing and research while improving the environment. 


 At  Share Chemical Company, we scrupulously abide by our policy of “Excellent Quality at a Reasonable Price”. We strive to satisfy all of our customers by providing the finest quality products supported by the finest in customer service.  You can be assured that our team of professionals  will provide you with comprehensive support in research, analysis and manufacturing technology.  Call on Share Chemical Company for all of your chemical needs and be assured of receiving excellent, swift and safe service!